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Sharebiology Is A Platform For Content (Methods, Protocols And More) And To Interact With Others.

How Does Sharebiology Helps You?

Increase your professional network

It is often underestimated the value of networking. Building a strong network can help individuals expand their knowledge, find job opportunities, their brand and reputation within their industry.

Furthermore, networking is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in a particular field, and it can also help individuals gain new perspectives on their work.

Have Questions? Get Answers from peers!

Got stuck with your experiments? You may not be the first. Rather than spending time on troubleshooting, ask in the forums and get answers from experts.

We have forums for each topic. So, you most likely get the answer instantly if someone asks before. Also, you get answers to questions you may want to ask in the future.

Advertize your work. Make it visible to your community

Unless a candidate works in the same area, no one have the patience reads your article. But having a summary of the article make others appreciate your work.

Here we go. A personal blog for every member who joins the community. Write summaries of your research articles, Project in general, your openions of others articles and many more.

Looking for oppurtunities? We got you covered

You may want to do a PhD in cancer biology in the USA or a postdoc in plant breeding in Europe.

We let you choose not only the position you are applying for, but you can also filter our database with a field of interest, location, and the model system you want to work with. It is as simple as asking a friend.

List of conferences and workshops

Time to meet peers? Find the extensive database of conferences and workshops.

Present your work, and discuss your research. You may get a chance to climb next step in your career.